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good morning, everyone. it is 6:00 on july 26th. i'm jessica kartalija, in for don scott. wjz has weather and traffic. it is warm and humid, just as stuffy as when you went to bed. i look up at the top of the screen, and the skies don't look anywhere as hazy as they were. a little bit of ground fog. 75 at this time. 89 at lunch, on its way to a high of 90. >> now over to sharon. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. already a bunch of problems, including an accident in dundalk. we've been following that on north point boulevard. it is blocking all lanes. take north point. 136 and college view drive. that one in the clearing stages.
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watch for downed tree on harford road. take bel air road instead. water main break in rosedale between hazeful wood and way burn. jennifer road between west a don't yay and west chapel. everything is looking at full speed on the top and west sides of the beltway. there's a look at the top side looking good at harford road. remember, wjz is always on. for traffic information anytime, log on to back over to you, jessica. the race to raise the debt ceiling. one week from today the nation will begin defaulting on some of its loans and some marylanders are particularly concerned. wjz is live. andrea fujii explains why some are now protesting. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if washington doesn't raise the debt ceiling by next week, many maryland services could be cut. that has some not only concerned
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but frustrated. on the lawn of the social security administration headquarters, hundreds turned out to make sure their voices are heard. >> if you take $10 away, that's $10 too much. they want us to go bankrupt. they want us to not pay our bills. >> nobody wants that. >> reporter: with one week until default, the president called for a compromise in a prime-time address last night. >> a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach, a cuts only approach, an approach that doesn't ask the wealthiest americans or biggest corporations to contribute anything at all. >> reporter: some argue it's the president who won't budge. >> the president wanted a blank check six months ago and want as blank check today. this is just not going to aen. >> reporter: the president is trying to rally lawmakers around
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senate majority leader harry reid's proposal. it calls for a one-time increase of the debt limit through 2012. $2.12 in spending cuts and no new taxes. the republicans want a two-step plan and more spending cuts. meanwhile, one of the leading credit agencies as put maryland on notice saying if the united states does go into default, this would impact the state's perfect credit rating. jessica, back to you. >> thank you. nearly 300,000 federal workers live here in maryland and local companies have about $60 billion in federal contracts. a city police commander leading internal investigations has been removed from list post. our media partner the baltimore sun, major nathan warfield was seen in pictures socializing with officer daniel redd. you'll recall, redd is the officer accused of being involved in a drug ring. warfield is not accused of any
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wrongdoing. the so-called east coast rapist may be connected to another sexual assault assault. police linked aaron thomas to a 1999 rape test. similar dna tests have connected him with other rapes up and down the east coast. a baby who went missing from the city to be found in washington, d.c. days later wakes up safe and sound with his family this morning. 7-month-old ki'yauhn birch was returned to his family after the baby and the alleged kidnapper were found at a d.c. bus stop. police say jonae boozer disappeared with the child friday after the father left him alone with her. the family doesn't know why. >> i think she had a hard lie. i don't know that she intention alley meant to steal this baby. i would hate to think that. >> i'm just happy she kept him safe and didn't harm him.
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i just hope she gets the help that she needs. >> city police say they'll consult with the state's attorney's office before filing any charges. as the shuttle program ends, nasa is trying to help many of the employees find new jobs. the space ajean vie is holding a job fair in cape canaveral. more than 45 companies are expected to take part. nasa is working with different groups to find jobs for contractors. netflix is taking a financial hit after it raises prices on its customers. the movie subscription provider's stock fell 8% after releasing a gloomy forecast. netflix recently raised monthly subscription prices by as much as 60%. no more votes, just time to play football. players voted unanimously on the new 10-year labor contract.
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the players got changes. the baltimore ravens locker room will look different this year with big names likely to be missing from the roster. sports director mark viviano brings us up on the pretty surprising news. good morning. the joy of a new labor deal turns to harsh reality for the ravens who are poised to cut about $18 million to make room under the new salary cap. among the casualties, veterans todd heap, derrick mason, kelly gregg and willly mcga hee. heap is a 10-year tightend. the current contract would pay him more than $4 million. the ravens have been grooming his replacements, dennis pit ta and ed dickson.
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derrick mason will be a salary cap casualty. mason would make more than $4 million this season. it is possible, for the players who do get released, to return to the ravens at reduced pay but they're free to shop their services to another team. those currently under contract can report to owings mills at 10:00 this morning. jessica, back to you. >> the ravens first preseason game is set for two weeks from thursday in philly. >> you got to divorce yourself from the emotions. the bulk of the nfl season happens off the field. the quarterback is ozzie newsome. he's racking up hall of fame numbers. i don't think anyone could argue that sensibly. you have to push away from the hee mowingal table and look at -- emotional table. we're trying to keep the team on
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a bell curve going up, not going down. it has to happen. so besides those big names in mark's report, the ravens have a boat load of free agents they may want to sign and restricted free agents. this party is just starting and it's just going to get wild are as we move through the next five days. we'll be covering it for you on air and on line, it's all good. the bottom line is this, on november the 11th, we're going to play the pittsburgh steelers and hammer them like nail into wood. it's five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. it will be much more comfortable later on than this is right now. the fact of the matter, ron, i was shocked when i walked out
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the door. you're inside where? >> reporter: hey, marty, go long. we're live at webers cider mill farm. we'll tell you all about it as the eyewitness news morning,,,,,
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do you have a favorite blog? if so, wjz is looking for the best in our blogger contest. the categories, dining, ent taint mrkts fitness, local affairs, pop culture and everything else. the blog with the most votes will win a $50 gift card to amazon. now over to marty. 73 degrees right now.
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71 is your dew point, a two-degree difference between temperature and dew point. it's getting slightly more comfortable. 93% humidity. winds calm. the barometer is 29.76. the fact of the matter is, it's just as stuffy as you went to bed. it's going to get and start feeling a lot nicer, still the mid-60s. 71 hagerstown. elsewhere central and eastern side of the state the low to mid-70s. bel air and columbia 73. 71 westminster. it's a big dome of high pressure settling in over the hear. two days, it's going to make conditions really, really nice. here comes hot and humid. so enjoy this day tonight and tomorrow. noticeably less humid.
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10 degrees cooler than it is, 66. tomorrow, sunshine a high of 90. 90's got to be considered high. up to 94. a little more humid thursday. the weekend we slide back into the lower 90s saturday and sunday. jess, take it away. >> now over to sharon gibala. >> everything is busy. we still have the accident. that's blocking lanes in dundalk. watch for that. take north point road instead and we have a downed tree. harford road is closed. take bel air road instead. we have some debris to watch for in rosedale originally reported as a water main break between hazelwood and way burn road and fire activity on cockeys road between west a don't yay and
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mays chapel. there's a live look at the bevel belt -- on the harrisburg expressway. toyota moving forward. back over to you. good morning to you. we're live in markville, baltimore county, webers cider mill farm. it's buy week. good to see you. what do we got here. >> reporter: blackberries and peaches. >> that sounds good and healthy as well. how is everything going with the buy local week? >> great. we appreciate the governor supporting it. picked a great week to do it. the last week in july is when
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everything comes in. it's all here. >> of course, you have a great place. you've been here 100 years. you're a famplet -- farm. all over people are buying local. the demand is incredible. we'll be carrying meat, poultry and chicken. >> people want to know where their fruits and vegetables and meats come from. >> people want the connection. >> i'm not familiar lar with this. i want you to talk about it. this is a home recipe. webers cider mill farm. >> my favorite, pumpkin butter,. >> pumpkin butter is the big hit. pumpkin soup mixes, up kin
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bread, pumpkin roll. we are a pumpkin farm. >> yes. we know that. i know you need rain. >> we need rain desperately. there's always a silver lining. cantaloupes, especially honeydews, peaches. everything is sweeter because we don't have rain. >> your wife is working on what? >> peach cake. that's our favorite in the summertime. >> steve, thanks for joining us. let's encourage people to go out and buy local. >> guys, i'm going to give you website. it's people have signed up to buy one local item a day all week.
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so that is a great ideal. you're helping the bay, eating healthier and helping the state at the same time. so buy local. steve weber, our friend at webers cider mill farm. >> i have to stock up in the fall. >> don't forget, tomatoes too. >> have a great one. >> up next on wjz. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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firefighters call it six days down under. 10 years after the howard street tunnel fishings adam may reports, do safety changes go far enough. >> reporter: a decade after the fire in the howard street tunnel, questions remain is the tunnel as safe as it could be and if taxpayers should foot the bill for a billion dollar
6:23 am
replacement. in a tunnel under the streets of downtown baltimore, a train transporting dangerous chemicals derailed. manhole covers explode. city businesses sit down for a week. firefighters risk their lives battling a 1500-degree fire. >> we actually call this time under. >> reporter: although no one was seriously hurt, they found a better need for analysis and teamwork. that's why training drills like this are now held every year. you guys scan handle -- can handle any emergency. some say focusing on response training ignores the real deal. do you think enough as been done? >> no. we need major changes. >> reporter: this former congresswoman is an expert on
6:24 am
transportation issues. since the 1970s, she's been pushing for a $1 billion replacement. why do you think it's important to replace. >> all of the north-south traffic on the east coast goes through that tunnel. if there's a real breakdown, explosion or terrorist, we have real trouble. we need to do something about it. >> reporter: doee need a new -- do we need a new tunnel. >> we need a new tunnel but not for safety reasons. >> reporter: at more than 100 years old the tunnel is a single lane with low clearance, too slow for modern trains. >> if we were to have a deeper tunnel and double stacked train we could expand job opportunities. >> a spokesman for csx said it's
6:25 am
a call for a commerce issue not a safety one. >> the tunnel structure is hold but we believe it's a shave way to move product. >> reporter: last august another train derailed in the tunnel. luckily, it did not catch fire. if it had turned into a repeat of 2001, congressman bently feels others would see it her way. >> redoing that tunnel is a matter of national security. they have to come up with something and they will, maybe not in my lifetime, but they will. >> an average of more than two dozen trains use the howard street tunnel every day. next up, hours on and with no air conditioning, all because of an agreement with bge, why some customers are still fuming and what's being done about it. good morning. i'm andrea fujii. one week from default as
6:26 am
washington lawmakers continue to raise the -- debt ceiling. that's ahead. pro football players are brushing off their helmets and pads. reaction from those involved coming up. if you're about to head out on the roads, we're not seeing any delays. we have a handful of problems. let's send it over to marty. >> the -- "the closer" is back on tnt. actress kyra sedgwick joins us on coffee w she says good-bye to the popular ground breaking show. we'lll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. it's 6:29, a nice sunny start to your day. we have updated numbers. sharon will get to you in just a second. >> the sun is out. temps in the mid-70s.
6:30 am
it's as humid as when upwent to bed last night. slowly but surely, guaranteed by the time you come home from work it's going to be a lot more comfortable. 89, beautiful this evening. jess, take it away. >> now over to sharon. >> a lot busier than this was. we have a bunch of accidents. this latest one will be on 95 in the northbound lanes in the right lane. it has to do with an earlier disabled vehicle. watch for degree at -- debris at security boulevard. an accident in dundalk block north point at rose bank avenue. take north point road instead. downed tree in kingsville on harford road. it's closed between glen arm and mt. vista. some debris in rosedale between
6:31 am
hazelwood and way burn. one more issue in cockeysville. there's a look at your speeds around the beltway, some minor delays, 50 miles an hour is your average. we can take a live look at the top side no problems there. everything at full speed. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. back over to you. at the top of the news, several big delling stories -- delving stories regarding the baltimore ravens. todd heap will be cut. he had one year left worth $4 million. among others being cut, derrick mason who's being cut to save money. we have the report for wjz. baltimore ravens players can
6:32 am
begin reporting to training camp today. >> the lockout has been lifted. there's a new cba and we're going to have football. >> reporter: they agreed on a 10-year deal resolving the fight over how the $9 billion in revenue is shared. >> having a 10-year agreement is extraordinairely great for our game, but most importantly our fans. >> reporter: the agreement gives teams the green light to prepare for the 2011 season. clubs will start signing drafted rookies and opening facilities and camps as early as today. >> it's like being on schedule. we have to do everything to get caught up. it's going to be an interesting time. >> okay. now that's behind us. now we cran get to work. >> preseason games are scheduled
6:33 am
to begin august 11th. >> without football, there would have been a lot of miserable people around the country. >> thank you. >> reporter: reporting for wjz, eyewitness news. >> ravens players under contract will start reporting to the facility in owing hoping around 10:00 this morning. a baltimore bound southwest airlines jet is forced to make an emergency landing in greensboro, north carolina the captain made the decision when a light went on signaling a fire in the cargo area. no fire was found and no within was injured. a judge ruled on a request to throw out bribery charges against senator ulysses currie. he is accused have you using his influence to benefit a grocery store chain. we're coming down the homestretch of a historic time
6:34 am
in history, a time when the federal government could default on its loans for the first time. the deadline is one week from today. andrea fujii brings us up to date on where things stand. >> reporter: good morning. talks in washington remain at a standstill this morning with both sides accusing the other of being unreasonable. now marylanders say they have had enough. >> reporter: on the lawn of the social security administration hundreds turned out to make sure their voices are heard and their benefits are cut. >> if you take $10 away, that's $10 too much. they want us to go bankrupt. they want us to not pay our bills. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: with one week until the fall, the president called for a compromise in a prime-time address last neat. >> a significant number of republicans in congress are
6:35 am
insisting on a different approach, a cuts only approach. an apreach that doesn't ask the wealthiest to contribute anything at all. >> reporter: some argue it's the president who won't budge. >> the president wanted a blank check six months ago and want as blank check today. this is just not going to happen. >> reporter: the president is trying to rally lawmakers around harry reid's proposal and calls for a one-time -- and the republicans want a two-step program. in his speech last night the president asked all americans contactor that representatives. several hours later many congressional websites went offline apparently overwhelmed with all the traffic. >> the world financial markets
6:36 am
are keeping a close eye on it. investors are optimistic. embattled congressman david wu said he will not seek reelection. the democrat is accused of pursuing an 18-year-old high school graduate for sex, a pursuit she said was unwanted. house minority leader nancy pelosi has referred the case to thette techs committee for an investigation. the father of the man who went on a shooting and bombing spree in norway said he wishes his son had killed himself. anders breivik admits to the killing but entered a not guilty plea but hopes of using the court to address the public. he is being held in isolation this morning. in all, 76 people were killed. loved ones and thousands of fans are preparing to say
6:37 am
good-bye to amy winehouse. she will be layed to rest today after her sudden death saturday. police are still awaiting toxicology reports to determine what killed the singer. back here a hot and sticky weekend may be in our past but it's still on the minds of thousands of bge customers upset because their air conditioners were shut off. >> reporter: when the temperature hit 108 friday, flowers aren't the only things that fried. bobbi mckee enrolled in the peak rewards program. what do you say to them? >> we are looking at how this program worked, how this worked on friday. >> reporter: under peak rewards, customers get up to $200 in they
6:38 am
agree up to power cycling. that means they can cut off air-conditioning during emergency events. friday was the first time they did it. now the state's watchdog is looking into action. the chairman said they will address complaints but it's premature to say if the program worked as planned. >> there's extensive literature. do you think people don't understand it. >> we cran do a better job of making sure our customers do know what they seened up for here mckinney said she's done. >> i tell you one thing, this box is coming out. >> reporter: not all customers were happy. bge supplied me with emails from some customers who were thanking the power company for avoiding a total brownout. >> of the 350,000 customers enrolled, bge said 2500 have
6:39 am
canceled their participation. baltimore's on michael fells is have -- phelps is have lag big day in china. he admits help didn't have to give -- he didn't have to give his all but the next round will be tougher. tonight he competes in the 200 free sometime finals. the baltimore orioles will not have luke scott. he is having surgery. one oriole will be here to stay forever. the nine foot tall brooks robinson statue will stand at russell street and washington boulevard. kanye west and jay z are hitting the road together. you can catch them at the first
6:40 am
mariner arena august 1st. >> i think one of the busier social ent texanment stories has been the resurgence of the first mariner arena. think of the acts that have been there. sade starts her world tour. now we're coming in with kanye and jay z. >> black eyed peas. >> guess who has the first mariner website, martin lawrence, cirque du soleil. the fact of the matter is this. what a presur gens in mariner arena -- resurgence in mariner
6:41 am
arena. we give you the worst of the city when 99% around you is the best of the city. >> you're right. as long as you don't focus on the negative. >> let's take a look at the forecast. it's going to be getting better all the time. 94 degrees and it will be comfortable. the humidity will be noticeably less, much more comfortable when you're coming home from work. coming up on coffee with, we've got kyra sedgwick joining us, some big ties to baltimore, by the way. it's the last season of her hit and groundbreaking show, "the closer." it's beginning its final season on tnt. we are dealing with some fog issues starting at 5 a.m. those traffic cams will be one of the better weather graphics
6:42 am
we have. it's getting a little less hazy. it's getting a little less hazy. ,,
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73 degrees. calm winds, it's stuffy. i'm going it watch the traffic cam. humidity is spewing out of the region. it's five degrees cooler than this time yesterday. go back 48 hours. it's 11 degrees cooler than it was at this time at the end of the weekend. 71 hagerstown, the low to mid-70s elkton, d.c., pax river and ocean city. then you drop in the mid to upper 60s. still 73 in columbia and bel air. 75 rock hall, annapolis and kent island. this big dome will give us nice improving weather. computer models, look at the two words coming our way. hot and humid by friday, close to 100. so enjoy this day, less humid, 94 is the high, 10 degrees cooler tom morning than this
6:46 am
morning, 66. tomorrow 90. it's only two above normal. with in the a lot of humidity it will be a pleasant day. 94 thursday. there's the blow torch day. friday and saturday at that point we'll feel comfortable, low 90s. >> now over to sharon and traffic control. the good news is we did clear up the accident. we still have some depre, a box in the road or several boxes pat cockeys mill. we also have an accident in dundalk blocking north point. conditioning ford is closed because of a downed tree. take bel air. some debris on kenwood avenue. we still have fire activity on west padonia. 44 miles an hour is your average on the west side between 795 and
6:47 am
95. there's a live look at old port road. heavy on both inner and outer loop. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time. toyota, moving forward. >> this morning's coffee with kyra sedgwick. welcome back back to the eyewitness news morning edition. this appears to be a softer brenda here. >> is it? is it a softer, gentler brenda? good. i'm glad. >> why are you glad? >> i don't know. it just sounded good. >> we've done seven. the press for last year brenda
6:48 am
was getting ready to kick butt and take names, one of those poses. got a little smile here, a little smirk. >> the funny thing about that, all those pictures are deaths show's responsible for. we have an pay mazing season planned -- amazing season planned. perhaps she is softer and gentler after that happens. >> you're changing the approach to the character or you've got new freedom because the show is ending. >> no, i don't think so. i don't really feel that way. i feel like i've always had a good relationship with the creator. we've been able to work together in tandem to take some big
6:49 am
risks. i think you will see her -- there will probably be or emotional highs and lows. it's a tense season. she's getting sued in a civil siewcht the lapd is getting sued. she's getting sued and her coworkers are getting sued because of a decision she made. i think show has some feelings about feeling badly this she put everything in the position. she always feels like what she's done is right. >> is everything over and said with or are you still shooting? >> we're still shooting. we're just on episode eight. >> behind the scenes, is everybody starting to realize, wow, there's a light at the end of the tunnel here?
6:50 am
>> we're in good healthy denial. has this gets closer, we're going to start crying and probably fighting, too i don't know about you guys. when something's about top end, you start fighting so you feel better when you have to separate. >> how about that. >> it's pretty natural, though. i know kevin and i, we've been married for ever. when one of us go off to do something, we get snippy. it's not a big deal but a natural way to separate. >> my wife must be leaving. i didn't know that. >> okay. there she is now. >> i missed that one. i didn't beyond stand that. >> sounds like my wife is leaving. because i'm not leaving.
6:51 am
>> oh, okay. >> have a good trip. don't let the door hit you. it's great having spent time with you. congratulations on an awesome run. when you first started, outlets like tnt, tbs, you could start naming the cable outlets, didn't work in the series business. in the seven years of "the closer" that as closed. you can look in the mirror -- you and the staff and the crew and realize that you broke ground and brought serious television and great television to cable. >> thank you. >> kyra, have a great rest of the day. you're a class act. >> thank you. >> go home and tell your husband
6:52 am
you hate him. >> already done that. >> bye-bye. >> thank everybody for fresh summertime entertainment. >> we're taking a break. we've got first warning weather,
6:53 am
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temps in the mid-70s. through the day humidity peels out of the area. 94 will be the high. now off to sharon gibala, wjz tv
6:55 am
traffic control. >> good morning. the haze is starting to clear on the traffic cameras. we're starting to see delays. we have some debris, some boxes on 70 westbound at security boulevard. watch for an accident in dundalk. north point is shut down. take north point road instead. harford is closed because of a tree. take bel air road. some minor delays are out there on the west side. everything is rung smoothly on 95. that's a look north of whitemarsh boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pes control. back over to you. a major debt battle on capitol hill is causing con shrn in maryland. hundreds protested outside the
6:56 am
social security administration. if the debt ceiling isn't raised, nearly 300,000 worker cost be sent home. safe and sound. a missing baby is back home in the city this morning after police arrest his alleged kidnapper in washington, d.c. police say jonae boozer disappeared with 7-month-old ki'yauhn birch on friday after the father left him alen with her. the baltimore ravens are cutting some veteran players to save space. among them tightend todd heap who had one year left on his contract and derrick mason who also had a year left. it's still possible for the players to resign with the team at a lower salary. stay with wjz. in one week the u.s. will,,,,,,,
6:57 am
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